Advanced Skin

From our salon in Crossmaglen, Newry, Co Down we offer a range of Advanced Skin Packages.

Remodelling Procedure & 6 x Layer Pro Peel

This is process/package that takes place over 4 x weeks, there will be a period of 5-7 days here where you wont look your best however your results will be amazing!! 

We recommend this peel for age management skin, for thickened, sun damaged skin, or for post acne scarring. It raises hydration levels in the skin and enhances the skins own ability to regenerate. It improves firmness and bounce through re-establishing free water levels in the skin. It revises skin and restore it back to a more youthful, tight, healthy glowing complexion. 

It takes your skin back to the good old, pre-UV, pre acne days. It includes 4 x dmk facials prior to 2 days of application of advanced layers and two enzyme treatments afterwards to flush out your lymphatic system and speed up recovery. This is for those who REALLY want to wind back the clock! 

DMK prep & recovery products included  

Price: £1800


Expect downtime of aprox 7 days with Cosmelan. This can be used to treat all pigmentation on all skin tones. Issues such as melasma, sun damage & post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. It can also treat tricky hormonal pigmentation. 

This treatment includes prep products and a full kit of aftercare products, plus two tailored healing facials afterwards. 

Price: £1000

Combination Facial Package

OUR Top selling package

This is a series of treatments performed weekly or fortnightly 

12 x treatments tailored to your specific skin concern 

To include as when needed:

DMK levels 1-5, DMK Advanced Alkaline/Mini RP, Micro Needling, Laser Genesis, LED Light therapy, Extractions, 

Also includes 7 x skincare products, 3 x herbal supplements

£2000, finance options available