From our salon in Newry, Co Down we offer a wide range of beauty treatments including brow, lashes and nails.

Brow Treatments

Master Brows 

Master Brows is a bespoke brow treatment tailored to you using a multi-step procedure including measuring, tinting, waxing and threading. Patch test is required.

Lamination Brows 

Brow lamination is a 3-step process which allows us to break down the bonds of the hair & re-set them to be more flexible in texture, meaning the brows can be styled into different shapes much easier than normal. 

Lashes Treatments

Lash Lifts

The lash lift is for the natural eyelashes and is a great alternative to Semi Permanent Eyelashes. It creates the Ultimate Lift, Volume and Length to natural eyelashes and can last up to 6 weeks.