Skin Treatments Newry

From our salon in Crossmaglen, Newry, Co Down we offer a range of DMK treatments and products designed to  educate your skin to perform like youthful healthy skin.

Treating both mild and challenging skin conditions internally & topically such as rosacea, acne, pigmentation, age management, fine lines, open pores, scars, milia, fragile capillaries, sundamage and much much more)

We have a team of highly trained and experienced skin specialists who will take you through your skin journey and make sure that your unique skin challenges are addressed resulting in the best skin of your life!

Danne Montague-King – DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK is a real game-changing range of treatments and products.  DMK works on the deeper layers of the skin, on the internal structures & functions of the skin, treating the cause and not just the symptoms that we see on the surface of the skin through using enzyme therapy 

DMK facials aren’t fluffy or especially relaxing but you can feel them working their magic.  Each facial is a two part, firstly  is a custom exfoliation followed by the powerful enzyme masque utilising the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes, it encourages blood circulation, oxygenation and the lymphatic drainage system while simultaneously, through reverse osmosis, helping flush away toxins and free radicals whilst stimulating collagen production 

DMK Level 1/Beginner Facial 

On your first enzyme facial we will focus on strengthening your skin and increasing blood flow and nutrients to your cells. We include a healing exfoliation here which helps to flush blood & lymph eliminating stagnation, inflammation and any infection.   

Duration: 120 mins
Price: £115.00

DMK Level 2 Facial 

This is where the fun begins! Here we can begin to customise facials to address your particular skin concerns, whether it be acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dullness or whatever the case may be.  The exfoliation can get a bit stronger here, again there are various different types of level 2, so we can customise to your particular skin concerns.  This is followed by either the regular Enzyme mask or the “Greenzyme”. One for cellular function and the other for skin and muscle strengthening. 

Duration: 120 mins
Price: £130.00

DMK Level 3 Facial 

In level three we step things up another bit. If you have some serious issues you want to tackle, this is where we push your skin. There may be some downtime with these treatments, but there may not be. It all depends on the type of peels we use. This is also where we’ll often perform double exfoliations and or double masques in one treatment. 

Duration: 120 mins
Price: £140.00

DMK level 4 alkaline & enzyme Facial

DMK’s unique treatment improves conditions like ingrown hairs, folliculitis, rosacea and acne affected skin through its bacteria killing properties.   

Also, it is an ideal alternative to laser treatment as it also removes any hair especially the fine hairs that laser struggles to remove. It gently dissolves the hair whilst also working to reduce hair re-growth with continued use, anywhere on the face or body. Your skin will be hair free and velvety smooth.  

Duration: 120 mins
Price: £140.00 – £160.00

DMK level 5 facial

The crème de la crème of treatments. This is where we do either a peel followed by Enzyme 1, 2 and 3 (an amazing pre events treatment) OR a Mini RP (Remodelling Procedure). Downtime will be discussed prior to treatment.

Duration: 120 mins
Price: £150.00

DMK Skin Treatments at Clio Clinic – based in Crossmaglen, servicing: Armagh, Newry, Dundalk, Ardee, Carlingford, Drogheda, Castleblayney, Monaghan & Carrickmacross.