laser skin Rejuventation Newry

Laser Treatments that we offer can target fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea, redness, open pores, texture, veins, cherry angiomas and skin tags.

Our state of the art Cutera Xcel Hr laser machine is one of the leading class medical grade laser machines, using the latest technology to achieve results that are truly extraordinary.

This is why Cutera Xcel Hr is our chosen laser equipment – it’s simply the Gold Standard in modern laser technology.  

All laser appointments require a consultation and patch test prior to initial treatment.  

Laser Genesis Facial 

Using our gold standard vascular laser, the Cutrera XcelV, this no downtime, non invasive laser treatment is perfect before any event for that instant glow.  It is also amazing for targeting ageing, texture and redness, open pores, refining skin texture & fine lines. via collagen stimulation with this micro-pulse light technology. Up to 10,000 light pulses per treatment activate the biological processes in the deep layers of the skin which house our integral collagen and elastin fibres. This treatment is both relaxing and results-driven – it fells just like a gentle heat on the skin. 

We perform a deep cleanse, followed by a light hydrating peel the laser genesis and LED light therapy. 

Price & Duration Option 1: £190 (90 mins) Peel, Laser Genesis, LED Light Therapy

Price & Duration Option 2: £130 (60 mins) Laser Genesis Basic 

Add on decolletage for £50,  

Diffused Redness/Broken Vessels 

For vascular conditions such as broken capillaries, rosacea, diffused redness, leg veins and cherry angiomas. A unique, high-powered laser is applied at the correct depth to deliver pulses of light energy to the unwanted vessels which the body will then absorb. A cooled hand piece is used for your comfort and protection. We use the Cutera XcelV machine for this. 

Treatments are spaced 2-3 weeks apart and a course of 3-4 is usually required. 

Full face £150 | Half face £85 | Face & Neck £200 | Face Neck & Chest £250 


Strong pulses of filtered light are absorbed by the melanin in areas of concern such as sun spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation and areas that are quite flushed. The pigmented area darkens and crusting can occur before flaking away. The skin then renews itself with fresh healthy regenerated cells. Commonly requested areas include the back of hands, forearms, décolleté and face. We use the Cutera XcelV machines for pigmentation;  

Treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart and a course of 4-6 is usually required.

Full face £150 | Half face £85 | Face & Neck £200 | Face Neck & Chest £250 | Chest or Hands £80 | Arms £100 

Vascular Vein Removal 

The dermatologist choice for treating unwanted blood vessels and broken capillaries, we use Cutera Nd-YAG, an effective yet comfortable way to veins and broken capillaries from anywhere on the body.  There may be more than one treatment needed however some clients see total reduction after just one treatment.  Consultation is required prior to treatment to determine your individual needs and pricing. 

From £75 per area 

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